Welcome to the Ebuy Finance

EBUY project is an application for all online buying and selling without intermediaries

What is Ebuy Finance all about?

Our mission is to create an application with a new platform that is highly efficient and powerful.
Our platform will be powered by our utility-token EBUY.
Users of our platform will be able to use our token to buy or sell everything.

We are trying to become the easiest solution for everyone.
First, we are releasing a web version and later apps for both Android & IOS.
Our apps will enable everyone to use EBUY from everywhere.

“Easiest solution”, Sounds interesting!

We think that when this project is completely finished, everyone will be surprised because it is a great work for the whole world.

Ebuy Finance(EBUY) is a cryptocurrency for universal use. Members of the EBUY platform can using this currency for buying and selling everything (new ، used or etc) in EBUY App, and all while there are no intermediaries.

About us:

Why did i and my team decide to build EBUY?
My name is Angel Forbs and I’m the CEO of EBUY Finance.

I have been in the IT department since 2009. I started my business in a small company.
Continuing design projects like different sites and apps for companies.
Since 2015, I have been interested in the idea of creating a space for buying and selling everything online.

We have watched the new applications space closely for several years.
now with the launch of BSC and its rapid status among the most popular operating systems for users and developers, the time has finally seemed right.

Our entire current team is made up of people who are passionate about creating this project.
We believe that we have a unique opportunity to achieve our goals, new perspectives and a large network of communications have given us the opportunity to bring it to our platform.

About our Team?
We are currently a small team of 2 developers & 1 graphic designer & 1 seo engineer.we will soon expand our team to speed up the development of our platform.

Where can we find out more about EBUY Finance?
Here are all of our links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EbuyFinance
Medium: https://ebuy-finance.medium.com
Website: https://ebuy.finance

Pancake swap: 🥞

30% Supply Burn: 🔥

LP Tokens Locked: 🔏




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